All writers must start in a small pond. Despite the huge aspirations most of us tend to have, I welcome this small start; a beginner’s relative anonymity is an opportune moment to exercise my expressive muscles and make mistakes. And I will make them. This is a learning curve, and an attempt on my part to throw my voice ‘out there’, amongst the many pre-existing opinions.

Just what do I aim to do then?

My interests predominantly lie in reviewing, critiquing and dissecting the more creative aspects of life. You can expect reviews of music, film, art, fashion, pop culture and more, along with observational reports of issues and experiences that I deem important and/or interesting.

Right off the bat I’ll admit that I have a silver tongue. I see no reason to ‘hold back’ my personal opinions in reviewing items, regardless of how disagreeable they may be to others. Of course I don’t seek to be offensive, that’s completely wasteful and tarnishes an individual’s reputation. I wish only to be truthful, informative and inspiring. Thus, I hope you find something worthwhile and enjoyable within my future posts… Watch this space!






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