My Top Ten Tracks of the Week

This is something I hope to compile regularly. Sink your teeth into an audio feast.

10. mellowdafckoutgurl – deadxbeat

Is your other half chewing at your ear with pointless drama? Hold up your palm, tell bae to hush and let ‘mellowdafckoutgurl’ speak volumes. The track sits comfortably in the chillstep vein of which Nujabes is King. My only complaint is the length – THE SONG IS TOO FUCKING SHORT. GIVE ME MORE

9. The Model – Ghettoblaster

This track goes deep and dark in the best way, reminding me of Underworld and Leftfield’s best work. Play it loud and become infected by the repetitive drum machine beats and pony-foot synths.

8. Deep in the Night – Curses

Ha. This is such a smug song. Probably created by smug cyber-vampires. The track builds really nicely, so be patient, because the pay-off is underground-squat-rave worthy.

7. Help Yourself To My Love – Harrison

Vaporwave emerged around 2010, showcasing a musical, nostalgic response to 80s yuppie culture and New Wave music through both parody and critique. It’s an acquired taste, the multi-layered, heavily sampled style perhaps trying the patience of some listeners. I find it incredibly relaxing, yet fascinating. Help Your Yourself To My Love is wonderfully chilled example.

6.  Fever feat Warrior Queen (Chimpo Remix) РPure Filth Sound

‘Pure Filth Sound’ is an incredibly apt name for such dirrrty sounding music. The fantastic female singing/rapping is complimented beautifully by harsh drum beats, and melodies reminiscent of retro gaming music. Play it late at night.

5. Liar – Vesper

Deepened vocals and seagull-call samples only add to the laid-back mood of this track. Just wait for the ethereal choir-like vocals to kick in – the song is transformed to something that would sound perfectly at home in an epic fantasy film.

4. Nightscape – .nebula

Synth overload some might say. I say drown me in it. This sits head and shoulders above most of the overrated Drive soundtrack, and its an ‘amateur’ bedroom DJ’s Soundcloud upload. Let the beat devour you, when it finally arrives…

3. Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

Please tell me you’ve heard of, and appreciate Flume. If not then I pity you, you’re missing out. His remix of Lorde’s Tennis Court is superb, lifting the track out of the sparse, plodding drudgery that I usually associate with her music. There’s even a random horse whinny in there somewhere – fucking genius.

2. Volar Flex – Visnu

This song reminds me of stars. And the deep ocean. The twisting bassline sounds almost organic, with filtered moaning noises scattered like audio ghosts inbetween.

1. One Way To Go – The Verve

I discovered this in the trailer to a black and white 90s vampire flick called Nadja, and instantly fell head over heels for the dreamy guitar strumming. Turns out its from a B Sides and outtakes Verve album. What a lucky treasure to stumble upon. And oh wow – there’s nearly ten whole minutes of such gorgeousness. Enjoy!




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