Top Ten Tracks of the Week .2

Inject some new music into your life. It’s good for you.

10. Hedonism – Just Because You Feel Good – Skunk Anansie

This British band doesn’t have enough love, please check ’em out. Their music has been called “an amalgam of heavy metal and blackfeminist rage” by Allmusic, which is pretty accurate – Skin is an amazing front-woman, with tons of personality and ferocity! Hedonism is one of my favourite songs by them, and is probably their most popular to date.

9. Dusty Corners – Brick (feat. Hermes)

I want to have a cybergoth rave in space. And I want these industrial beats to be deafening me in the process.

8. City Nightlife – architecture in tokyo

Featuring a sample from the Mary J. Blige and Will Smith collaboration, ‘Got To Be Real’, thanks to that brass in the chorus and Mary’s soaring vocals, in the words of The Prodigy, oh mY gOD thaT’s THE FUNKY SHIT.

7. Runaways – Mirror Kisses

Very 80s-throwback, but still worth looking at, despite the recent over-saturation of the genre.

6. Grande Finale – Studio Killers

I love the lyrics to this song – “I’ve been a dirty bastard/But I will clean my act up…” It’s pure, unchallenging dance-pop, but its addictive and you can’t help but fall for Studio Killers’ premise – they’re an animated band, à la Gorillaz. Lead vocalist ‘Chubby Cherry’ is completely fabulous.

5. Crucial (Kaytranada Remix) – k-os

Good soulful vibes from this one, with a really catchy chorus that you’ll find yourself humming along to.

4. Our Love – Caribou

I love the way this one builds, and alters its tempo via the bassline picking up later in the track. Much better deep house than the bullshit in the charts that’s merely aping the genre.

3. Synthemilk – Daddy’s Groove

What an awful name for a DJ. Yet, this track is undoubtedly a banger. Play it loud, if your subwoofer can handle it.

2. FKA Twigs – Papi Pacify

If you don’t recognise her name, or have at least heard ‘Two Weeks’, then where have you been? Papi Pacify makes use of FKA Twigs’ smooth, ethereal vocal talents, with the perfect melding of a repetitive pop structure and the use of unorthodox, but intense production. Featured on ‘EP2’, this song is one of her most seductive and infectious tracks.

1. Onedari Daisakusen – BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL are a fantastic, unprecedented combination of kawaii J-Pop and head-banging metal. It might seem like a jarring clash at first, but the female trio are so enthusiastic and adorable, and the music is so well produced, successfully mixing the two genres, that they’re definitely worth giving a chance. Other tracks I recommend you to check out are ‘Catch Me If You Can’,  ‘line!’ and ‘Doki Doki Morning’.


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