What I Want to Wear in 2015

What I wear is an important expression of myself, so I’m always on the look out for inspiration (hello, AHS: Coven) and the opportunity to evolve. I keep my eye on trends in mainstream fashion, but that doesn’t mean I follow them, or that I can’t incorporate them into my own style and put a special personal spin on them. So after some style-searching and research on the touted trends for 2015, here’s a shortlist of a few key looks I’ll be wearing throughout the early months of the year for different occasions. Hopefully they might give you some inspiration too.

1. To the club a.k.a Futuristic BarbieScreen Shot 2015-01-13 at 21.09.46

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 21.14.37What’s better than a sequin-splattered slogan on a crop that would probably be rendered opaque upon coming into contact with water? Perhaps the addition of a metallic choker and body-glitter. It’s just the right amount of seduction and huScreen Shot 2015-01-13 at 21.17.02mour to steal all the attention on a night out to the club, find it on dollskill.com for $92. Pair it with a tight little skirt to highlight your ASSets, like the so-tacky-it’s-fab Hot!MeSS Mini Skirt for $56.90. And no self-respecting bouncer would let you past the doors without some dangerously high heels. The trippy iridescence of these Privilged Thirsty Platforms makes them a perfect match to complete your plastic-fantastic look. And to store all your shit, I recommend the addition of clear plastic clutch, studded with sparkly embellishments, like the adorable ones found in Topshop right now.

2. To lectures a.k.a Dark Queen of Insomnia demoniaboots  

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 18.31.42I’m little bit of a creature of the night, thanks to a screwed up sleeping cycle – I nap like a cat during the day in little bursts, and come alive when the sun goes down. So of course, all those early morning get-ups for university lectures are slightly taxing – I end up stumbling into classes looking like necromancer’s puppet, all bleary-eyed and vile of temperament. What better to accentuate the vampish shadows under my eyes than a distressed black UNIF dress ($48). Although, a hood attachment, evocative of somebody who could potentially be a witch, would create an even more striking silhouette (What says ‘don’t fucking talk to me’ more than a Sith-Lord-esque hood pulled over your bed-head hair?). And why not have them all guessing that you’re the next Supreme Queen with a fabulous hat? This UNIF one is straight out of Zoe from American Horror Story: Coven’s wardrobe. And for extra grumpy stomp-factor, only a pair ofScreen Shot 2015-01-20 at 18.32.18 swing Demonia buckled platform boots will do; at around £80 a pair they’re a worthy investment. Oh, and if you can manage to force yourself to arise a little earlier, spend some time smearing dark makeup across your eyes in a seductive smoky pattern. And a set of chipped black-varnished nails will only add to your aura of carefully crafted apathy.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 18.37.28

3.  To they gym a.k.a Check Out My Abs n’ Butt

I have nothing but love for Pilates and HIIT routines – they make working out effective and cScreen Shot 2015-01-20 at 18.43.28reate such a rapid sweat storm that you may just lie on the floor and try not to cry afterwards. Remind yourself that results don’t come without a little pain with some TRAIN INSANE OGorgeous yoga pants, in a glam silver and purple design, plus the tight black material is perfect for showing off a butt that’s no stranger to squats (Find it for $26.50 at oGorgeous.com). And to match? I’m obsessed with the strap design of this BodyPOP ‘Pull On My Heart Strings’ fitness bra that’s been carefully designed by my favourite fitness blogger Cassey Ho. It’s so delicate and pretty, and the marbled pink and purple colours will compliment a fresh-faced post-workout glow ($48 at bodypopactive.com)

4. On Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 19.28.50dates a.k.a. Nicolas Ghesquiere is My Hero

Nail two Spring ’15 trends in one – crisp, all-white brightness, and shirt-dresses via this sophisticated MOTO number from Topshop, it’s a steal at £42. If I was gloriously laden with riches I’d pair iScreen Shot 2015-01-10 at 15.46.00t with some Louis Vuitton ‘Eternal’ boots, selected from Nicolas Ghesquiere’s stunning Fall 2014 collection. Unfortunately £3050 is a little out of my budget range, so I’ll have to keep scouring the high street for something similar, but more affordable. I just want something with that lovely wrapped-buckle and curved heel design. A silky bomber jacket knotted around the waist to create an enticing, svelte figure also acts as a great throw-on layer, as we shake off the last bouts of coldness of in readiness for Spring. I recommend the muted tones of the flowing bomber jackets at Zara, or if you’re feeling adventurous, opt for something in mint or covered in sequins – American Apparel has a good variety of designs and materials.

5. For RelScreen Shot 2015-01-20 at 19.10.58axing and Studying a.k.a the Crazy Cat Goddess

The site ‘printallover.me’ has an amazing array of trippy, eccentric designs that you can choose to have printed on hoodies, bags, t-shirts, leggings etc. Priced at $88, I fell in love with this Kitty Mystics design
Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 19.25.41 as soon as I laid eyes on it (I had to have it for Christmas, it’s probably one of my favourite presents that I received last year). The fit of the oversized hoodie is perfect too, it’s unrestrictive, comfy as heck chill-wear. After all, it’s important to look cute when you’re studying/bingeing on Netflix y’know. And of course I can only invest in some printed sweat pants to match… but to choose from so many amazing designs? Personally, I’m totally torn between a ridiculous yuri anime design, hilariously called ‘Fap pant covered in lesbians’, or the less pervy ‘Icarus’ print that shows a view of pretty pastel-hue clouds (both cost $74 at printallover.me).


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