Looks by Luisa – ‘My Boyfriend is a Biker’

Welcome to my first fashion ‘Outfit of the Day’ blog post, or a ‘Looks by Luisa’ article. I want to share some of my daily style choices with you guys, as I believe fashion is a huge part of self-expression and can tell you a lot about a person’s personality. It would be really cool if anyone happened to be inspired by my stylistic choices too! So here goes, Look Number One…

A leather jacket is a classic staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe. It can be thrown on to punk up a simple outfit, or to take a dress effortlessly from day to nightwear. I personally love taking the fashion associations of a leather jacket – motorbikes, rock and roll, punks etc. –  and pushing them into my aesthetic. So today, I’m wearing black and chrome-plated items with cutesy-casual touches, like my velvet headband and tiger-head backpack.

The plaid shirt knotted around my waist is to add a grungy, don’t-care aspect to the look, along with other ‘grunge-inspired’ accessories like the choker and rounded sunglasses. Overall I wanted the look to say: ‘Yeah my boyfriend is a tough, gruff dirty biker boy. I sometimes borrow his clothes – and I look super-cute when I do it.’

Luisa X

P.S Luisa is my middle name, for anyone confused. It’s the alias that I’m choosing to blog as from now on.

So where’s it all from?:

Top – ladygaga.com

Chain necklace – Firetrap

Yin-yang choker – Topshop

Dungaree dress – theraggedpriest.com

Plaid shirt – Urban Outfitters

Tiger backpack – ebay.com

Spiked bracelet – Primark

Sunglasses – American Apparel

Spiked ring – Zara

Cross ring – Topshop

Leather jacket – Topshop

Headband – American Apparel

Boots – Demonia


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