Can a horror film be feminist?

2015’s It Follows (directed and written by David Robert Mitchell) offers up a rarity for horror film fans: an enticing story concept that potentially holds subtle feminist undertones.

Could a piece of entertainment nestled within a genre with the sole purpose to terrify really challenge the issues that surround female sexuality?

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‘Heathers’ and the Rashomon Effect

I don’t miss secondary school. At all. In retrospect, most of the time it felt like a futile race to the top of the social pile, nearly everyone ravenously eating up whatever trend was currently in vogue and gossiping about friends and enemies alike as though it was going out of fashion. ‘Looks over books’ was the creed. Your lip-gloss was more exciting and influential than how well you did in a maths test. I was reminded of this dog-eat-dog school environment after watching the 1989 teen-movie classic ‘Heathers’… Continue reading ‘Heathers’ and the Rashomon Effect