The growing rift between men and women

I’ve just read an article in The Sunday Times about the rise of ‘Men Going Their Own Way’ or ‘MGTOW‘ – a movement which involves men choosing to actively distance themselves from women, and refrain from marriage or having children.

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Can a horror film be feminist?

2015’s It Follows (directed and written by David Robert Mitchell) offers up a rarity for horror film fans: an enticing story concept that potentially holds subtle feminist undertones.

Could a piece of entertainment nestled within a genre with the sole purpose to terrify really challenge the issues that surround female sexuality?

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Rebuke Being a Princess

‘Buy me pretty clothes. Look after me. Call me your Princess.’ I see this trope plastered across my Facebook newsfeed all the time, usually in the form of tacky quotes or video slideshows of apparently ‘perfect couples’ (usually heterosexual, well-off, cisgender youths) that this generation aims to emulate. The trope falls in with the grotesquely rose-tinted ‘Justgirlythings’ lifestyle so oft reposted, that is rampant with vapid, superficial ideals that teach adolescents to place their priorities in precariously fabricated places. Set your life goals higher than simply obtaining an attractive mate that’ll spoil you rotten please, you’re much more than that.

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